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Our bespoke doors have gone through a series of tests to guarantee their secureness and safety, designed as standard with high security dead-locks and with lock cylinder guards.

When thinking about securing your home composite doors provide the highest level of security to protect any home or business. If you choose a different type of external door these will require expensive reinforcing and security enhancements to provide the same level of security that composite doors provide as standard.

The main security feature of composite doors is an incredibly tough, virtually unbreakable exterior shell remains stable during different and extreme heat changes of the seasons.

This stability means that the composite door retains its strength and does not weaken from daily use. A wooden or Upvc front door would normally shrink or expand during seasonal changes, which would cause weakening in the material, this will cause general weakness and expanding doors get jammed in their frame and are then subjected to a higher level of force on a regular basis just to open or close the door. This frequent extra force wears away at the door, if you choose a composite doors, this problem is avoided.

For an extra level of security visit our door furniture section where you will find details on security extras such as spy holes, security chain etc.

For a small additional fee we can improve the security of your locking system by installing PICKBUSTER, this is a smart, cost effective solution which provide added protection to your home.